Child Care Centers

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is designed to encourage nutritious meals and snacks for children in licensed Child Care Centers and homes.

As a participating child care provider, you will receive reimbursement on a per meal, per child basis.

CACFP meal reimbursements provide centers the resources necessary to improve and to supplement the costs of providing a quality nutrition program for their enrolled children.


Adult Care Centers

The CACFP provides Adult Day Care Centers reimbursement funds for serving nutritious meals to adults, on a per meal basis, who are 60 or older, or who are physically or mentally impaired. Qualifying impairments to enrolled adult participants are those which limit their independence and ability to carry out activities of daily living.   

CACFP meals give adults the nutrition they need and helps participating Centers offset the costs of providing meals as a routine part of their day care program.


Community Benefit Organizations


BBC Foundation offers funding to both non-profit and for-profit community benefit organizations (CBO).

CBOs locations include: Public schools, child care centers, libraries, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, community or recreation centers— anywhere kids go after school that have organized activities.

After-School Programs & Religious Institutions

  • Must be a school or church or a non-profit organization with a 501 federal tax-exempt letter.

  • Must be in or near a school with at least 50% or more of the students receiving free or reduced-price lunches.

  • Must provide educational activities such as, but not limited to homework assistance, life skills, arts, sports or music.

  • Must provide proof of fire inspection of service site.

Emergency Shelters

Residents 18 and younger, or those with developmental disabilities regardless of age, who receive their meals at an emergency shelter are automatically eligible for free meals. There are no application forms for families to fill out. All reimbursable meals are served in group settings, at no cost to the child or to the child’s family.

Emergency shelters receive the highest rates of payment for serving meals, which meet Federal Nutritional Guidelines, to eligible children.