About BBC Foundation

Building Better Communities Foundation (BBC) is an American charitable nonprofit organization launched in 2012. Our mission is to address and counter the nationwide problem of childhood obesity and child food insecurity. BBC assists persons, children, and educational institutions in challenged communities increase their access to healthy and freshly prepared foods.

Although based in Central California, it is our mission is to expand our impact and reach throughout both Northern and Southern California, and nationwide.

Our leadership is comprised of talented and experienced professionals from various industries, including private industry, small businesses, law, government, education, healthcare, and nutrition.

Why Children, Nutrition and Schools?

At BBC, we believe that the pillars of a strong nation are strong children, the strength of our children is borne through proper nutrition, and strength of our nation is best exemplified through community service, collaboration, and cooperation. BBC Foundation seeks to play a pivotal role in addressing and eliminating child hunger and under-nutrition in these challenged communities.

We focus our efforts on schools and school nutrition. By working hands-on in the community, with educators and educational institutions, BBC will emerge as the leading charitable, community enrichment organization for the advancement of generations to come.